Questions you Should Ask your Personal Trainer Before Starting a New Exercise Regime

The benefits of exercising regularly can never be underestimated. However, if you have never exercised before, it would be advisable to hire outdoor personal trainers?instead of starting a programme all on your own. Exercising without expert guidance is fraught with danger as you can easily tear a ligament or cause long-term damage to your joints or muscles. There are other reasons too why having a personal trainer is a must if you want to exercise safely and effectively.

Benefits of Hiring Personal Trainers?

Your Bondi personal trainer is the best person to teach you how to exercise safely and effectively. He will keep you motivated and encourage you to raise the bar slow but surely so that there is minimum risk of injury. Personal trainers also advise you on diet; nutrition and rest which are all so essential for the success of your workout programme. Without the right kind of planned meal and right amount of rest; you will never see the desired result within the specific timeframe.

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Questions to Ask your Trainer before Starting a New Programme

Admittedly, you must have complete faith in a personal trainer even if you are hiring him for the first time. Even then, there are certain clarifications you must make before starting a new programme. This will help both of you maintain a professional relation and avoid misunderstandings later on.

What are your Qualification and Experience??

Always ask your trainer if he is qualified enough to teach you the kind of exercise programme he has in mind. Don’t be a guinea pig and allow somebody to try out a new workout fad or a DVD programme on you. The trainer you hire must be fully certified in the kind of exercise he claims to specialize in. Only professional training from a reputable institute teaches a future trainer everything about human physiology, different workouts, injury management, diet & nutrition, first aid and CPR and so on.

Along with this, he must be having years of experience in helping customers similar to you in achieving their fitness goals.

What is your Level of Involvement?

Even if you are a seasoned exerciser, starting a new Bondi workout program can always be dangerous for various reasons. You can be injured if you don’t do the steps correctly or if you overdo it inadvertently. Your group personal training in Bondi?must be actually involved in every step without just shouting instructions from the corner. If required, he should demonstrate each and every step repeatedly till you are able to do it correctly and safely.

Will I need any Special Supplements?

Personal trainers should never try to sell you any diet supplements or health powders. Rather, all professional Bondi personal trainers will offer advice on healthy diet and proper nutrition and provide you with your exclusive diet plan. You can find out more about nutritional supllements here The Green Pages – Personal Trainer Inner West.

What is the Duration of the Programme?

Unscrupulous trainers will try to sponge you for as long as they can. This is why it is so essential to have a proper timeframe before embarking on your new workout programme. Always clarify by when you can expect to see the results and for how long you should continue.


Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer – The Importance of Communicating with Your Trainer

Communication is the key for success in any relationship and this is especially true when you are working out under the tutelage of Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer. Personal fitness trainers aren’t mind readers who can interpret your silence. Nor do they encourage silence from their clients. Open lines of communication between you and your trainer enable both to discuss your problems and find effective solutions/alternatives.

For instance, it is necessary to inform your Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer about your physical limitations if you are recovering from a major surgery, child birth or suffer from medical conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Otherwise, he or she won’t be able to design a customised workout plan for you.

Eating Right

Remaining slim and trim depends a lot on the right amount of exercise, the right foods (diet) and right lifestyle. If you are still eating like a glutton and binge eating at every opportunity, no amount of exercise will help you reach your fitness goals. However, communicating with your Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer will help you establish the right eating habits which will keep your weight in check.

Sometimes you don’t know what you should eat, others don’t know about portion control. If you talk to your Personal Trainer at Dangerously Fit they will create a diet chart especially for you keeping your nutritional and caloric needs in mind. They will also teach you how to eat balanced meals comprising dairy, whole grains, protein, fruits and veggies.

Communication with your trainers will help you lose that last bit of stubborn fat or deal with the constipation or heartburn problem that kept you down for so long.

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer

Our Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer sharing nutrition tips during the stretching after the class

Exercising Right

All exercises and workouts aren’t meant for everybody. While some fitness enthusiasts swear by their lunges, squats and leg presses or jumping jacks, others are stifled by them and prefer outdoor cycling or swimming to such gym activities. If you are not happy with your exercise routine, you will soon lose interest in your workout regimen and start cheating yourself or slacking. Ultimately, you will be the one to lose.

Talking to your trainers and letting them know about your likes and dislikes can turn your exercise hour into a happy and fun experience. If you have chosen a good Personal Trainer who listens to his/her clients, he or she will try to incorporate innovative and fun drills into your exercise plan.

If cycling is your passion or tennis, your trainer will definitely give you the green signal to participate in these calorie burning sports. But you have to be sincere and dedicated to derive the maximum health benefits.

Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer usually talk to his clients before and after a workout to obtain feedback. Use this opportunity to explain your feelings, problems and reservations. Don’t be afraid to speak up if the drills are way too tough for your current fitness levels or if you are hurting or feeling ill. If your fitness coach doesn’t encourage communication, you will be better off with another trainer who listens to you and your body.

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Burpees – An Exercise that Will Transform Your Body

If you are looking for a full-body exercise that combines the benefits of strength training and aerobic workouts, then go for the burpee. Burpee is one exercise that can challenge any exerciser any time, no matter his/her fitness level. No wonder, burpees are an essential part of Dangerously Fit workout routine.

What is a Burpee?

A burpee is an exercise that will exert your entire body without the help of any expensive or complicated apparatus. All you will use is your own body’s strength, agility and flexibility. Burpees may look simple but are actually extremely hard to perform; especially when your Dangerously Fit trainer wants you to do a preset number of repetitions without break.

This is because a burpee is actually a combination of three different movements; the squat then a push-up followed by a vertical jump. To perform burpees repeatedly without exhaustion requires extreme endurance, speed, flexibility and balance. That is why burpees are often considered the ‘ultimate challenge’.

How to do Burpees

Dangerously Fit have trained instructors who show participants the correct way of performing burpees.

To do burpees, start by standing erect with arms by your side and placing your feet at shoulder-width distance from each other. Lower your body to the squatting position and place both hands on the ground, palm flat downwards for support. Push both legs backwards in one swift motion (like a backward kick).

It is important to move both your legs together in one single motion, something you will do if both ankles are bound together. Raise your body gradually while resting your weight on your palms and the balls of your feet. Your entire body should now resemble the plank position i.e. it should be aligned in one straight line from head to heels.

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Our Dangerously Fit Crew practising Burpee at Bondi Beach

Perform a push-up by lowering your chest and then lift your chest back to the raised position. Next, bring both legs in front in a swift motion so that you return to the squatting position. Perform a vertical jump from the squatting stance and raise both hands above your head while you jump. Clap while in midair and return to standing position.

Burpee is a high intensity workout. In order to derive maximum benefit, the entire exercise should be performed in one continuous motion and must be completed within four to five seconds.

Burpee Variations

Dangerously Fit also offer variations once you become proficient in regular burpees.

One-legged burpees seem impossible to perform at the onset but with regular practice you can actually squat and jump on one leg without the other touching the ground. One-legged burpee is excellent for improving your flexibility and balance.

For burpees with a pull-up, position yourself below a pull-up bar. As you jump upwards, clasp the bar instead of clapping and perform a pull-up workout. Land on your feet as usual and perform the next burpee.

Dangerously Fit also offers dumbbell burpees which are an excellent test on your balance and endurance. This is a normal burpee performed while holding a heavy dumbbell in each hand. So you will actually have to squat, kick, do push-up and jump while holding dumbbells. During the vertical jump, perform bicep curls and shoulder press for added challenge.

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Signs You Need to Change Your Fitness Class

It’s time to change your fitness program if you are not satisfied with the way the present one is being conducted. There are several fitness classes that offer really effective military style workouts to help you reach your fitness goal without injury or overstressing your body. All you need to do is hunt around a little and compare multiple camps on several parameters before taking your decision.

Assessments are Conducted Irregularly

Regular assessments are an integral part of any good fitness company. This is because fitness training is a gradual process and your trainer must measure your progress (of the lack of it) in order to where exactly you stand vis-a-vis your fitness goal. All good fitness class start their sessions with an initial assessment of your condition, understand your goal and then chart your progress through the weeks. This helps both you and your trainer to evaluate the suitability of the workouts for your individual requirement and make necessary changes.

To review what Fitness Assessments should be conducted by a serious trainer, visit :?

Trainer does not have Necessary Certifications

Change immediately if the trainer has a lone certification in fitness training. Good fitness classes are ?successful partly because they offer a safe and comprehensive workout programme that includes guidance on other areas related to health and fitness and not just mere exercises. Naturally, the trainer conducting such camps should have the necessary certifications on human physiology, different training modules, diet and nutrition, emergency first aid treatment, CPR, performance analysis and a be registered with Fitness Australia.

A Good Trainer should plan a solid workout combining strength training and cardio for ultimate results!

A Good Trainer should plan a solid workout combining strength training and cardio for ultimate results!

Trainer is Irregular or does not Take an Active Interest in the class

There is a huge difference between sitting at a corner and barking orders and being actively involved in conducting a boot camp. Hunt for better boot camps if your present boot camp trainer is often late or irregular or seems to be least bothered in how each member of the class is performing. All he does is show some steps and then leave you on your own.

The Class has no Measurable, Time-bound Workout Plans for you

All that sham fitness companies want is your money. Naturally such classes will never provide you with a time-specific plan by which you will definitely achieve your fitness or weight-loss goal. No point in continuing with a company where the instructor does not commit himself to your success.

The Trainer is a Poor Example on Fitness

The trainer is the pivot on which an efficient fitness class revolves. Naturally, he has to set an example by flaunting a fit, healthy and energized attitude. It is his approach, enthusiasm and inspiration that help the camp members overcome inhibitions and misgivings and work hard to reach their fitness goal. Leave right now if your trainer looks flabby, unhealthy and fails to motivate the class.

The Class has no Data on Previous Success Rate

Nowadays, almost everybody is enrolling for some fitness activities or the other in order to derive the benefits of regular exercising. Not surprisingly, this rising awareness about health and fitness has helped spawn several fake trainers that are headed by quacks who profess to be ‘fitness experts’. Such classes seldom provide data on previous clients as proof of their success simply because they have none!